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  We help your stories bloom.

Manuscript Evaluation
A new pair of eyes may be just what your manuscript need after you complete your first, or second draft. I have been a writer for almost twenty years and a critique partner for more than ten. My strengths are plot and character development.
After a thorough reading of your story I will provide an evaluation report with an in-depth critique. My main focus in this case will be: plot, character development, story arc, pacing, consistency and continuity and, that most elusive of all factors, voice.

Manuscript Revision
Beyond the manuscript evaluation.
A manuscript revision includes both a manuscript evaluation and a page by page revision, in which I will implement the changes suggested on the evaluation report.

Manuscript Editing
If you think your manuscript is ready for publication and just want someone else to take a last look to make it perfect, manuscript editing is what you need.
In this case, Iíll edit your manuscript considering grammar, word choice, word repetitions, formatting and punctuation.
Phone/Fax: 215-340-9224       E-mail: CarmenFerreiroAuthor@gmail.com