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Two Moon Princess Bequer Eterno Bequer Eternal
Two Moon Princess
ISBN-13: 978-1933718125
Tanglewood Press
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A Spanish Princess.
An American Boy.
A King set on revenge.

An unrequited love and a disturbing family secret bring a world to the brink of war.
Bécquer eterno ISBN 13: 978-84-15534-56-3
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Les presento a Becquer.
Es guapo, culto, y va a conseguirme el contrato que siempre he soñado.

Sí ya sé que es inmortal y vive de sangre humana.
Pero eso ¿qué importa?
Mi relación con él es estrictamente de negocios.

O eso pensaba.

Hasta que Bécquer fue amenazado de muerte, y descubrí que no podía dejarlo: porque puso en peligro su vida para proteger a mi hijo, porque soy la única persona que lo puede salvar ahora, porque quizás le amo. Bienvenidos al mundo de Becquer. Entren, por favor. Les está esperando.
Becquer Eternal
September 2012
Crimson Romance
Meet Becquer.
He's handsome, well-read, and can get you that book contract you always dreamed.
Never mind that he's also an immortal and lives on human blood.
What would that matter?
Your relationship is strictly business.
Or so you thought.
Until Becquer's life is threatened, and you discover that walking away is not an option: Because he was hurt while protecting your son: Because you are the only one who can save him now: Because you care for him.
Welcome to Becquer's world.
Please, come inside. He's waiting for you.
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