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Originally from Spain, but having lived for more than twenty years in the United States, I am one hundred per cent bilingual. I can switch from English to Spanish at the snap of a finger and feel completely comfortable in both languages.
I have published four non-fiction books in English with Chelsea House (RITALIN, HEROIN, LUNG CANCER and MAD COW DISEASE). My works on fiction include:
TWO MOON PRINCESS (YA fantasy) published in English by Tanglewood Press in 2007.
BÉCQUER ETERNAL (Paranormal contemporary) forthcoming in English from Crimson Romance in September 2012.
BÉCQUER ETERNO, the Spanish version of BÉCQUER ETERNAL has been included in the Exhibit about Bécquer (Sevilla, May-June 2012).

If you want to reach the Spanish-speaking population with your work, contact me and I will be happy to translate it for you.

Phone/Fax: 215-340-9224       E-mail: CarmenFerreiroAuthor@gmail.com