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Queries, Pitches, Blurbs
Whether you want to entice an agent/publisher to represent or publish your manuscript or a reader to buy your book, you need to grab their attention with a powerful hook.
Call it a query, a pitch or a blurb to write that hook is a challenge for most writers.
After spending months, probably years with your characters and their stories, to summarize their world and struggles in a single paragraph is a daunting task indeed.
I, on the other hand, as an objective third party, will be able to find the key themes in your work and present it in an appealing way that will force the reader to ask for more.

Are your characters lost?
Canít find the end to your story?
No more wandering in the dark trying to find out what your characters want, or where they are going.
An outline will provide you the framework that will allow you to write your novel to completion.
It will give you a clear goal that will liberate your creativity.
It will save you the pain of having to cut those chapters you love but have no place in the story once finished.

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